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Meeting July 28



  • Deliberation No. 250/GC/2020 - approves the Electoral Calendars for the Elections of the representatives of teachers and researchers and of the representatives of non-teaching and non-researchers workers in the General Council, which will take place in 2020 and the appointment, by the external members of the Council General, by Dr. Francisco Fernandes for President of the respective Electoral Commissions.
  • Deliberation No. 251/GC/2020 - approves the Management Reports and Accounts of UMa and SASUMa 2019, presented by the Rectory of the University of Madeira.
  • Deliberation No. 252/GC/2020 - approves the document that defines the position of the General Council of the University of Madeira, regarding the increase of the funding of public higher education institutions in the Autonomous Regions, with a view to implementing a program contract to be jointly prepared by the Government of the Republic, through the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the Regional Government of Madeira and the University of Madeira, entrusting the Rector to make the necessary steps for this purpose.
  • Deliberation No. 253/GC/2020 - approves the transformation project of MITI - Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (Madeira-ITI) and the amendments to its statutes, proposed by the Rectory of the University of Madeira.